Electro-Medical Can Supply You With Protective Accessories

In response to many inquiries regarding the availability of protective accessories such as masks, coats, gloves, and other related supplies, we have added a section dedicated to these critical items. Click here.

Welcome to Electro-Medical

x-ray images

Electro-Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. has been in the X-ray supply and service business for over 50 years serving hospitals, medical clinics, veterinary and chiropractic offices.

Our service and dedication to our customers are second to none.

Electro-Medical’s strength - We are the only complete X-ray supplier of:

  • Carestream film
  • Concentrate chemicals (H.R. Simon, Carestream)
  • State of the Art Silver Recovery Equipment that meets the MOE Standards
  • Retrieval and Disposal of used films (the product does not go to a landfill)
  • Carestream Film processors and Computed Radiography (CR) Units
  • AGFA Film processors
  • Konica Film processors
  • Monitor display units for CR systems
  • Raymax X-ray units
  • ImageWorks and ALLPRO Intraoral X-ray systems (analog and digital)
  • Electronic Weigh Scales specific for Veterinary and Medical
  • New and Used Cassettes (Konica and Kodak)
  • Complete line of Diagnostic Imaging Accessory Supplies
  • Lead Apparel and Protective Barriers
  • Clear-PB Lead Plastic Barriers
  • Ultrasound Probe Transducer Covers (Sterile and Non-Sterile)
  • Sony Thermal Paper for Ultrasound
  • Supplier of Ultrasound Gel, Sterile Gel Packets + Pads, Transeptic Cleansing Solution
  • Harp Testing, Image Technique Charts
  • Full line of Mammography Products and Skin Marking Systems
  • Complete line of Accessory Items such as Foam Positioning Aids, Pigg-o-stat, Grids, etc.

Electro-Medical Equipment also provides Emergency Service on X-ray units and X-ray Consulting

Electro-Medical equipment Co. Ltd. has qualified service personnel to repair and maintain film transport systems. Our company services over 300 processors of all makes and models. We are the only service provider for Caresteam analog equipment in Southern Ontario.

For further information please contact Derrick Cotnam or Shawn Cotnam at (905) 764-6377.